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Click on “Shop Now”. Click on the sheep carcass or product you want to order. Select the Origin. Click on “Neck/Shoulder/Ribs”, etc. and select your cuts from the “available options”. Indicate the quantity of carcass or product required. Now you will see the estimated value of your selection.

Click on “Add to Cart” if you are done with your product selection. If you would like to add another product to your cart, click on one of the options next to “Tags” or go back to “Shop” (top right corner).

If your order is done, click on “Shopping Cart” or “View Cart” (top right corner) to view the contents of your shopping cart. Now you can edit or delete these items from your cart if you want to change your order. Click on “Proceed to Checkout”  if you are satisfied with your order content.

Next, fill in your billing and shipping particulars. Make sure to enter your postcode (ZIP) and province correct since this will determine the shipping fee for your order.

Read the “Delivery and payment terms” above the “Place Order” button, and tick this off, before you click on “Place Order”.

This will conclude the ordering process and your order specifications will be sent to us.

Thank you!


How many times have you been in a butchery or grocery shop, looking for meat to buy, wondering where the meat you are looking at comes from, and how fresh it is? Wouldn’t it be comforting to know where your meat comes from, how it was grown, and when it was prepared? This is where we see our niche.

We are a group of livestock farmers, from Piketberg, who take pride in the quality and conditions we grow our meat. Our aim is to deliver good quality meat to those who care about its origin and freshness. We only prepare meat on your demand (an order) to ensure freshness, and we will cut it according to your specifications.

The animals we keep are kept in free-grazing conditions, this means our meat will be lean, with less fat in the meat, than animals kept in a feedlot. We deliver these meat orders, once a week, straight to your door.

Delivery points and dates

In the Cape Town suburbs we deliver door-to-door, in other towns, we deliver at pre-determined delivery points.

Orders will be delivered within 14 days at the delivery point.

Our Product Range