We only use free-grazing animals in the production of our meat.

We slaughter and prepare meat only on order, and cut, package and freeze it immediately, resulting in less handling and more freshness. We do not keep stock in our freezer room.

We only use accredited abattoirs and butchers and cut all meat according to the clients’ specifications.

What can we do for you?

You choose the type of meat you want, eg. beef, mutton, chicken or pork.

You choose the origin of the meat you want, eg. Swartland Merino, Karoo Dorper.

You choose the grade of meat you want, eg. lamb, 2theeth of mutton

You specify the quantity of meat you want, eg. whole carcass or half carcass or specified kg’s of specified cuts.

You specify how you want your meat cut (or not), as well as the thickness of these cuts.

You indicate when you want to pick up your order of meat, and at which delivery point.

We prepare the order according to your specifications, and deliver it, packed and frozen, at the chosen delivery point.

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